I hope you dance

I hope you dance

I get to see you today

I am not allowed to touch you, to tell you what I want to tell you, to let you touch me

The supervisor is watching

I don’t understand why you can’t help me. Why you can’t tell me what I need you to tell me. Why you can’t touch me. Why you can’t connect with me anymore

It won’t be until I am much older that I will understand the power these people have over you because they all work for the same place and for the same boss

By then I won’t care

I need you to dance. I need you to look at me in my eyes. I need you to synch your movements with mine.

I need you to feel my movements so I can feel you still reaching out to me without touching me, or touch me if only for a second

Your soul needs to reach my soul because if you wait too long, or too much time goes by, I won’t care anymore

I’ll accept that and won’t care if you don’t

I won’t want you to tell me what you think I need to know

I won’t want you to touch me

I won’t want you to see me

I won’t care anymore if it affects everything I do and feel

So now, while I am small and helpless, I need you to dance with me