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Seeking Fairness for Families

RaiseYourRights is committed to ensuring families have the right to a trial by jury in family and juvenile dependency court cases. We want to promote settlement, put an end to unwarranted governmental interference in our personal lives, and deny judges the ability force parents to use and pay for expensive court appointed witnesses. We are seeking fair trials for California families brought into our court systems.

Our goal is to have this initiative on the California ballot for the 2022 election year, but we need your help!

  • We're fighting for mother's rights and father's rights
  • We aim to achieve outcomes in the best interest of the child
  • We advocate for judicial independence
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The California Office of the Attorney General has given us until September 30 to collect 623,212 valid registered voter’s signatures. Please be sure to sign up to receive email updates and to allow us to send you the petition for circulation!

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Take a look at Ballot Initiative #21-0001 and see why it’s the right move for California families.