Probate Courts don’t allow Jury Trial Rights

Probate Courts don’t allow Jury Trial Rights

That’s right. California probate judges don’t allow jury trials in their courtrooms just like California family and juvenile dependency judges have denied every parent, who has asked for one, a jury trial right. The family court collusion holds legal rights to your children hostage for $, the probate court collusion holds legal rights to beneficiaries’  assets hostage for $. Let’s not forget all of the evidence we have seen of this from the Britney Spears fiasco and what a single probate judge did to her.

You think you can escape probate even though Britney couldn’t? Maybe because your deceased relative had a rock solid will??????

Nope. Even if EVERYONE named in that will has a copy of it, agrees is, doesn’t want to dispute it, agrees to abide by it, agrees it’s what the decedent wanted, etc.  Even if all of the beneficiaries have already divided up the descendant’s personal belongings amicably, and all of them want to settle all the other assets as quickly as possible for the sake of the family, extended family, etc.

The probate courts won’t let that happen, just like the family and juvenile dependency court’s won’t let that happen. There is too much money at stake to allow for peaceful settlement outside of these courtrooms.  Everyone involved in these courts, who make a living off of these courts, wants their piece of it. The goal is to claim a dispute exists, or possibly exists, even if it doesn’t. The goal is to bring everyone they can into a court so a judge can take control.  The banks and financial institutions scour records for “decedents” and immediately freeze accounts as soon as they determine that the account holder has died. That ties up the deceased relative’s cash, stocks and bonds for probably over a year. The personal belonging you already divided up? They will be accounted for to see if there is any value. Probate lawyers get 4% of the first $100,000 worth of assets and the fees don’t go up for additional assets, they go down. That’s because there are a lot more of us with $100,000 estates than  million dollar estates. You can be sure that the disputes rise as the value of the estate rises so don’t worry, the probate attorneys will get very well paid regardless. Your family might be able to divide up personal belongings, etc. without being required to appear before a corrupt probate judge, However, you won’t be able to divide up the assets that have value if the decedent left their assets in their own names in their own banks and financial institutions.

The collusion in the probate courts will send the executor of the will before a judge for probably a year before he or she can even touch those assets, or see them. Once again, just like in the family and juvenile dependency courts, everyone will be denied jury trial rights. That means, just like in the family and juvenile dependency courts, only a judge will decide what legal rights you have to what is already yours and what will be taken from you. Maybe the banks will release whatever is left to you after the probate courts have taken what they can from you.

We think it takes less than two years for the family and juvenile dependency courts to destroy a child by keeping (they call it determining, we call it controlling) parents’ legal rights to their own child(ren). We think it takes less than one year for the probate courts to financially destroy the families forced to enter them.

The banks and financial institutions are to the probate courts, what the AFCCnet .org is to the family and juvenile dependency courts. Both are empowered by the court systems themselves and thus feed them.

The banks will claim their control of the decedent’s $ is to prevent fraud just like the AFCC psychologists, therapists, minor counsel, social workers, etc all claim that they keep control of parents’ legal rights of their own child(ren) in order to prevent damage (while causing it).

It’s your family against the probate courts, just like it’s your family against the “family” and juvenile dependency courts. Representatives of We The People, in the form of a jury, cannot help you in any of these courtrooms.