Initiative 21-0001

Raise Your Rights

California's 2021 jury trial initiative for family and juvenile dependency (CPS) courts

Title prepared by the CA Attorney General:

Allows for jury trials in child-custody and dependent-child determinations

Summary prepared by the CA Attorney General:

Gives parties in child-custody matters the right to demand that a jury, rather than a judge, determine who receives legal custody of the child. Prohibits the judge from rejecting a jury’s joint-child-custody decision. Provides that findings in dependent-child proceedings, in which a juvenile may be declared a dependent of the court, can be made by a judge or jury. 

Summary of fiscal impact report by the CA Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance

Unknown ongoing net fiscal impact on state courts that would depend significantly on (1) how the measure is interpreted and implemented by the courts and (2) how individuals respond to the ability to demand a jury trial in child custody and juvenile dependency jurisdictional hearings. Potential ongoing increase in county costs that could reach the low millions of dollars annually related to juvenile dependency jurisdictional cases-some or all of which could be shifted to the state. 

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