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A Passion Formed From Experience in CA Family Court

RaiseYourRights was founded in 2016 by Wylmina Hettinga, a California mother of four, plus two, following a divorce and subsequent custody battle. 


Seeking to keep from losing custody of her children to her spouse, Wylmina was informed that only parents in Texas were afforded jury trial rights. Families in California were either held together or ripped apart based solely upon the ruling of a judge.


Wylmina quickly realized that a citizen’s movement was necessary in California to protect parent’s rights, and in 2016 she gathered 100,000 signatures in an effort to get jury trial rights for parents on the California ballot in 2016. That effort fell short, but RaiseYourRights has been advocating and pushing ever since and now aims to get this issue on the California ballot for voters to decide on.

How We spend our money

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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, RaiseYourRights is fundraising to support our efforts to get this citizen’s initiative on the California ballot. The money we raise in our online efforts will go towards spreading the word about the necessity of jury trial rights for California parents, as well as funding the various petition-signing campaigns that will need to occur if we are to reach the 623,212 signature threshold.


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