Why isn’t a bill for jury trial rights on my ballot?

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Why isn’t a bill for jury trial rights on my ballot?

Good question. Why Why, Why? Laws, Laws, Laws? Gov Newson just signed 997 bills into law. Really? In all the years that the State of California has been in operation, it needed almost a thousand new laws in 2022, but not one of them granted parents jury trial rights? 

From the start of our country, citizens of every state were clamoring for jury trial rights in civil courts in order to hold on to their own property. Parents rarely lost legal rights to their own children back then and children were considered property. I personally don’t believe that our forefathers could have imagined what is happening today in California’s family and juvenile dependency courts regarding legal rights to children and legal rights to property in “family” court.

Alexander Hamilton decided that amendments should be introduced later to the Constitution to give jury trial rights in civil cases INSTEAD of adding them to the original US Constitution. In doing so, Hamilton almost stopped the original Constitution from being implemented. Our forefather in many states, initially refused to ratify the original Constitution because it didn’t contain jury trial rights in civil cases.  Cases that involved keeping legal rights of property.  Keeping what belongs to you, or what you think belongs to you. This is very important for most people. Family law cases and juvenile dependency court cases are under civil law.  These two court systems have been ripping apart a family’s rights to stay together for over half a century.  The AFCCnet that took over these court systems has been around for over 60 years. 

Where we are today? Not there yet. A bill needs to be introduced and signed by Newsom to give parents jury trial rights OR we simply need to do it ourselves. RaiseYourRights.org is dedicated to bringing jury trial rights for parents in California to parents but unfortunately our citizen’s initiative didn’t show up on Gov Newsom’s desk and it won’t be on your November ballot, either.

Texas already signed a bill into law a long long time ago granting jury trial rights to parents in order to defend their legal rights to their own child. The end result? Less crime, less homelessness, less incarceration, etc…..