Why is the family court’s method of punishment, supervised visitation, so damaging to a child and the child’s future?

Why is the family court’s method of punishment, supervised visitation, so damaging to a child and the child’s future?

Let me tell you what the late Rev. Billy Graham’s said…..”A child who is allowed to be disrespectful to his parents will not have true respect for anyone”.

The AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts) has a singular goal of depleting both parent’s assets. It is made up of colluding judges, psychologists, attorneys, therapists, supervised visitation providers, custody evaluators, etc. The AFCC has taken over every single family court in the United States. It also became an international organization. The AFCC’s problem is that some family court cases are only about money. Many parents voluntarily enter family court with good intentions of doing what is right for their minor children. However, the colluding AFCC members (even a parent’s own attorney) will invent issues against one or both parents simply so that they can get paid more money. The AFCC members will quickly ask the judge to have one or both parents “evaluated” by other AFCC members. These evaluations can be stretched out over years with the help of unwarranted governmental interference (UGI) or aka your judge. Any parent’s failure to comply with AFCC requirements often results in supervised visitation to the offending parent, aka the targeted parent.

Therein lies the long lasting, far reaching, damage that is cause to an otherwise respectful child. The child sees the targeted parent being hit with UGI but no one will tell the child why. The answer is because the AFCC member wants to be paid. However the child is given answers that are vague, overbroad, unsubstantiated, no answer at all, etc. Meanwhile in school, as a teacher, I am teaching your child that it is not UGI but the child perceives something is wrong with the targeted parent anyways. The UGI and supervised visitation supports this and usually lasts for years.

From a child’s standpoint, the government says something is wrong with my Mom or Dad. The government knows something is wrong with my Mom or Dad and that’s why I can’t be alone with him or her. Other people know that something is really wrong with my Mom or Dad and that I can’t be alone with him or her. 

They start asking themselves what is wrong with me.  If the answer is that I am okay, and the targeted parent is not, than a conclusion is that I am better and more capably than my Mom or Dad. Why should I respect my targeted parent? I am good, and my Mom or Dad is bad.  According to the Rev Billy Graham, we just set another child up for failure and inability to be show true respect for others. 

We see this in dependency court cases all the time. However in those courts, and in the foster care system, the child is given a reason for the UGI or saw it themselves. The targeted parent gets drunk, drives drunk, is a drug addict, beats up other people in front of the child, beats up the child, and/or hurts the child in unimaginable ways, etc.  I personally know a social worker in a horrendous case that allowed the parent supervised visit with the child. The condition was that the parent would tell the child that she was wrong, that she had wrongly hurt the child, that she loved the child, and that she wanted what was best for the child. That is completely different than what happens to child victims of our California family courts when an AFCC member imposes supervised visitation on a fit parent as a means of extracting “professional” services from him/her. This is being done to countless of Moms and Dads who have simply loved their child and had been in the process of teaching their child to be a caring, responsible, respectful adult before the UGI.

For shame..