How did the family and juvenile dependency courts become a $50 billion industry?

How did the family and juvenile dependency courts become a $50 billion industry?

In 1963 the first Association of Family and Conciliation Court conference was held in order to set up the collusion between judges, court commissioners, attorneys, minor counsel, guardian ad litem, social workers, psychologists, mediators, custody evaluators, counselors, financial planners, forensic and private investigators, etc. basically anyone financially tied to family and juvenile dependency courts because they make their living from them. This conference was specifically designed to bring all of these professionals together to establish relationships and thus control the family and juvenile dependency court system from the time a parent first steps foot in one of these courts until the AFCC decides to let them leave. Hopefully with their children but most likely without any money left.

The AFCC organization quickly became international and it doesn’t shy away from promoting themselves as the leaders in expert witnessing and court “services”. If you are a mental health professional, and you’re not a member of it, you most likely won’t be getting business from any American family or juvenile dependency court. An AFCC member, with orders from a judge, sets up the team that will control your case from the time you walk into one of these courts until the time you leave with essentially all your financial resources left behind in AFCC members’ hands. Per the AFCC, “the attorney-dominated referral-based model is the most prevalent and the simplest way to formulate a team”….. Who decides policy for the United States family and juvenile dependency courts? The AFCC. What is that policy? If the parents don’t settle their family law case out of court against the other parent, or their juvenile dependency court case ……. they will pay for it dearly. In fact the AFCC loves to promote its “conflict resolution” services and then exacerbate the litigation with their self-serving policies, #NoAFCC.

More importantly, the AFCC will continue to exercise their unwarranted governmental interference, “UGI” over your minor child with the help of their favorite family or juvenile dependency court judge, who are also members of the AFCC, trained by the AFCC, and past presidents of the AFCC. Parents across the globe are “ordered” by judges to pay AFCC “witnesses” and only use one of them as their “witness”, #PreventUGI.

The AFCC claims that their members are “most of the leading practitioners, researchers, educators and policy makers in the United States family courts” but in reality AFCC members are the leading cause or the generational damage done to children as the true victims of family and juvenile dependency courts, #NoAFCC.

RaiseYourRights has its own researchers looking into how AFCC members in high level state positions are shifting federal grant monies to support the AFCC’s unconstitutional practices of separating children from parents under the guise of “conflict resolution”. For example, Anne Stevenson, a Huffington Post contributor, recently uncovered a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) grant to a program called Devoted Dads. The grant was earmarked by Jessica Pearson of the Colorado AFCC. Pearson is also president of Center for Policy Research, and a primary consultant to HHS Office of Child Support Enforcement. Pearson is in a position to steer hundreds of millions of dollars in grants, solely to support AFCC causes. Anita Stucky, also an AFCC member, is Texas’s Grant Contract Manager and State Access Program Coordinator for the Texas Attorney General’s Office and her grants demonstrate a complete self-serving interest towards AFCC causes.

Conflict Of Interest? Absolutely, good thing parents in Texas have jury trial rights they are holding on to even if California parents don’t have them….yet.

In the United States, jury trial rights have been shown to be much more effective in settling cases in all aspects of criminal and civil law than anything (and everything) the AFCC has ever done in its 57 years of existence. Why? Jury rights help settle cases out of court, especially family law cases involving false allegations. It has become normal to use law enforcement to gain advantage over the other parent in a family court and that’s just the tip on the iceberg.