Britney Spears might be the catalyst to end UGI, unwarranted governmental interference in families

Britney Spears might be the catalyst to end UGI, unwarranted governmental interference in families

Britney Spear’s father is going to continue to keep legal rights of Britney, from Britney.  Make no mistake.  His most recent state court filings that it is “highly debatable whether a change in conservator at this time would be in Ms. Spears’ best interests” can be read as ….. there is no way that a change in custody of Britney (back to Britney) would be in HIS best interests. This is EXACTLY what our family court system, throughout California, is doing to parents. 

The family courts are using the power and control that they have over litigants (and their children) brought into these systems to exacerbate and manipulate fear in order to extract money from each side.

The private organization made up of judges, attorneys, psychologists, custody evaluators, therapists, social workers, minor counsel, guardians ad litem, conservatorships. etc., called the AFCCnet or the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, controls the US “family” courts (a $50 billion a year industry) and it is thriving. It has law enforcement on its side. 

The system thrives on fearmongering against litigants and children like Britney. Britney entered the family court system as a parent who wanted a divorce and look what they turned it into. The psychologists and attorneys in her case have made millions (a billion by now?) off of their collusion with a “family” court judge(s) in her divorce case and gaslighted her in order to control and extract money from her.

Inflated accusations of harm are used by the “family” courts to control litigants. UGI, or unwarranted governmental interference, has replaced personal accountability and self-criticism. Differences in opinion and the conflict that arises from those differences is being used by family courts and the AFCC to separate children from one or both parents. Actual legal rights of a child are being taken from parents by these courts on the basis of normal “conflict” in a relationship. AFCC members historically and continually testify against parents to take away legal rights of their children from them on the basis of fabricated “conflict”.  In Britney’s case, her father used the conflict created by a divorce to drug her and thus control her with the help of an LA County judge in collusion with attorneys and psychologists. She had no one to turn to and no one to trust.  The judge wouldn’t even let her hire her own attorney.

How have children of divorce learned to appropriately deal with conflict and the control a state court took over their lives? They have not. Thus, we are now seeing the generational devastation of our society. The extreme amount of divorces that end up in a California “family” court have left millions, like Britney, devastated by scapegoating, shunning, exclusion, dehumanizing, lack of trust, etc. The AFCC supremacy has resulted in unwarranted traumatized behavior and an inability for our society to cope with the unwarranted governmental interference (UGI) in families. 

Conflict is not abuse, causing unwarranted fear in a child, like Britney, by a trusted parent…. is. Help us keep families together, especially siblings. Help us stop UGI, unwarranted governmental interference in families. Join today to stop unwarranted governmental interference…today.