Are the family and juvenile dependency courts “Fear-Mongering”?

Are the family and juvenile dependency courts “Fear-Mongering”?

Absolutely. The ones inside the court system are making parents fearful that if they leave these courts with less than a 50% ownership of their child, that parental alienation will occur. The custody evaluators, psychologists, attorneys, GALs or guardian ad litems, judges, mediators, etc are trying to sell parents on the concept that losing custody or losing visitation with their child will results in parental alienation in a young child leading to estrangement later on in life. Making money off of a divorce is a very profitable racket ($50 billion a year).

Social workers, empowered by dependency court judges, use fear tactics that are so far overreaching it would take a book to describe them all.

Parents know that love is what matters in order to stay in a healthy lifelong relationship with their child. Parents also know that they don’t need to see their child exactly 50% of the time in order for their relationship with their child to be “equal” to the other parent’s relationship with their child. The mantra of exactly 50/50 shared parenting is so ridiculous and so far over-reaching unwarranted governmental interference, or UGI, in a family (both sides of the family and extended family) that no American should be supporting legislation requiring a judge to order it.

How do we stop the fear-mongering inside the family courts and juvenile dependency courts? The same way “We The People” always have in our criminal and civil courts, a simply four letter word, “jury”

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